Helping Someone Quit Smoking

Do you have a family member or a friend who would like to quit smoking? Would you like to help out? Are you looking for ways on how to get someone to stop smoking? If you have answered yes to most of these questions then your friend or family member can count on you for recovery. Experts believe that smoking is no different to taking alcohol and prohibited drugs; it is not easy to quit and it is definitely not easy to quit alone.

Your wish to help someone and to look for ways on how to get someone to stop smoking is the best step towards his recovery; here are some things that you can do to help out.

First, tell your friend or your family member that you are there to help out. He can ask you for anything but not about smoking. Tell him that you will be there to monitor his progress too. Discuss treatment options: an abrupt way to stop smoking or a gradual way; explain that both will not be easy and he will feel temporary withdrawal symptoms but rest assured that these will be gone and are a part of every smoker's quitting plans.

Help him remove all items related to smoking inside the house. Throw away lighters, matches, ashtrays, cigarette cases and cigarette filters or anything that may remind him to smoke. If he cannot commit to a cold turkey way of quitting, place smoking paraphernalia in a place designated to smoke or place only sticks that he is supposed to take for the day and that's it. As much as possible, decrease the number of sticks he smokes in a day and commit to finally living a day without smoking at all.

Encourage him to get busy. Avoid places that he frequently goes for a cigarette like stores, convenience shops, billiard halls, pubs and many more. Both of you may also indulge in other sports and activities that would help him appreciate his newfound health and wellness after giving up smoking. Most who give up smoking decide to take up fitness, weight lifting, swimming, basketball and cycling which all require tremendous physical exertion. He will ultimately realize his improvement in sports as he continues to quit smoking.

A technique on how to get someone to quit smoking is to bring him to a health professional. A pulmonologist can help assess his current state of health and provide appropriate smoking management techniques in case he needs it. He may also be educated with the complications of smoking like lung cancer, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, throat infections, oral and dental problems, skin and hair problems and many more.

Explain the benefits of quitting smoking not just on himself but also to you and the entire family. If your friend or your family member who smokes cares about you that much then he will surely give up smoking. No more family member who suffers from asthma, allergies and other health conditions due to second hand smoke and of course he will save money in the long run as he quits from smoking for good.

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