HIV Symptoms in Men Early

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus was first discovered 30 years ago, so it rarely grabs space on the front pages these days. But it remains very much a deadly killer.

About 34 million people around the World suffer from it HIV. The virus attacks the body's immune defences, and when they have been destroyed, any number of bacteria, viruses and parasites and fungi can invade the body and play havoc with its systems. That's the condition known as AIDS. Around 2.5 million people have died from AIDS so far, and that number continues to grow because HIV remains such a mystery. Despite millions spent on research the puzzle remains unsolved. This fine documentary takes us carefully step by step through the maze, and reveals where the greatest hopes for a cure are to be found.

In cases in which the patient has been vaccinated, the flu will still install in the body because the immune system will not be able to fight it even if it recognizes and tries to destroy the virus.

HIV virus symptoms are much milder than AIDS symptoms especially when it comes to the protective immune system of the body. Other symptoms of developing AIDS apart from a low immunity are headaches, pain in muscles and joints, fatigue taken to the extreme in which the patient can't even get out of bed, dry cough and excessive fever.

HIV Virus Symptoms

The headaches come as a result of the fever which overheats all the body parts. This could result in an excessive sweating as the body tries to cool off. The fever is meant to increase the body temperature, since the immune system knows that viruses are not resistant to heat. However the HIV virus is. Not succeeding to destroy the virus, the body tries to cool itself by sweating. This is a down said road in which the body struggles to live with all the powers it has left.

A drug addict could develop AIDS much faster. Depending on the drug he or she is in, the AIDS could have a chance of manifesting a lot faster. Dehydration is the main factor to cause problem in the body when flu is installed. A drug addict could develop AIDS from a simple cold if his body is full of narcotics and has a low vitamin supply.

In this case, even smoking could hurt. A cigarette eats up a lot of vitamin C from the body, as much as 10mg a cigarette. This vitamin is essential to the immune system, which could collapse even faster in a lack of vitamin C.

HIV virus symptoms could be diminished to zero in cases in which people carrying the virus have a proper treatment or diet. When the HIV virus is not contained, the patient develops AIDS in a matter of months and even faster.

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