Simple Steps to Eliminate Hemorrhoids Permanently

Hemorrhoids are swollen, protruding veins originating in the anal canal and lower rectum. Internal hemorrhoids protrude in the lower rectum or out through the anus whilst external hemorrhoids originate at the anal opening.

The common symptoms that most sufferers complain about are- burning pain, itching, irritation and appearance of blood on toilet paper or in the stool itself.

So what are the main causes of piles?

Humans spend a great deal of time standing upright which places stress on the rectal veins due to gravity. At the same time we have sedentary lifestyle in which we spend too much time sitting down, which also places pressure on the anus.

There also appears to be a genetic link such that if both parents have suffered from hemorrhoids, there is a good chance the children will too. Development of piles also appears to be highly correlated with age as the symptoms usually do not appear until mid stages of life.

Everyone knows that constipation is a leading cause of hemorrhoids due to the increased stress on the rectal veins and the anus because of the difficulty in passing stools. Likewise, constipation is usually caused by lack of exercise, lack of hydration and a diet low in fibre.

Chronic use of laxatives can actually induce constipation in patients in addition to poor diet choices. Pregnant women are also at a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids and there is also a correlation between obesity and piles.

So what home remedies are safe and effective to get rid of hemorrhoids? Below are the three simple steps you can take to improve your quality of life! Whether you are looking for external hemorrhoids treatment or internal hemorrhoids treatment, the therapy is no different.

1. Vinegar
Vinegar is also known as acetic acid and is very popular amongst the natural health community. Vinegar is an astringent that helps reduce the inflammation of the piles. All you have to do is dip a cloth or cotton bud into a solution of vinegar and apply it to the hemorrhoids. Many individuals will notice some relief within a few days and swear by it for treating hemorrhoids.

2. Potatoes
Like vinegar, potatoes also display some astringent properties to help reduce the inflammation associated with hemorrhoids according to some practitioners. It is best to slice the potato into fine pieces and apply it to the affected area for around twenty minutes. Potatoes are potent way to get rid of hemorrhoids fast.

3. Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel is a promising natural remedy for hemorrhoids and works primarily as a 'venoconstrictor'. This helps reduce swelling and shrinks the piles. Many have had great success by soaking a cloth into witch hazel and applying it onto the hemorrhoids for five minutes, three times a day. Witch Hazel as a cream formulation is probably the best natural hemorrhoid cream available.

And there you have it, three promising ways to get rid of hemorrhoids fast! There are combination products available which utilise a range of these natural ingredients which I highly recommend you to look into.

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