Coffee Helps Your Heart from Failure?

There are many speculations on whether the consumption of coffee has any bad effects on our overall health or not. Some say that mild coffee is better than strong coffee in the long run. Others say that the way the coffee has been brewed affects the human health. The American Heart Association is of the opinion that drinking coffee habitually could have harmful effects. A few case studies have shown that coffee helps in the prevention of heart diseases.

When a study was done on the amount of coffee consumed, it was observed that one is strongly protected when one took two-eight-ounce cups of coffee per day as compared to having no coffee at all. Interestingly, this was observed to be linked with a lowering of heart failure risk by 11%.

An analysis of data from five previous studies linking the above was done with case studies involving 140,000 people and 6,500 heart failure events. When two U.S.-style servings of coffee per day were consumed, it provided the best protection against heart failure. But as more quantity of coffee, in the form of number of cups a day started being consumed, there was a lowering down of the protection factor. When the quantity rose to five cups of coffee a day, the said protection completely disappeared. Above five cups and one looked at the risk of facing heart failure in the face.

It is not comprehensible why heart failure is protected against consumption of moderate coffee. Research has been done on the benefits of coffee and it has been observed that the risk for type 2 diabetes is lowered when one drinks coffee. As diabetes and heart failure are inter-related, it is logical to conclude that lowering the risk of diabetes can in turn lower the risk of heart failure. Hence the consumption of coffee in low quantities is good for guarding the body against heart failures.

Blood pressure is also linked to heart failure. Now that high consumption of coffee and caffeine has been known to give rise to high blood pressure, this may in turn lead to the risk of heart failure. But it has been seen that when coffee is consumed in moderate quantities, it may prove beneficial in safe- guarding against high levels of blood pressure.

So the health advice for those coffee- lovers who are exposed to the possibility of being stricken with heart disease is the consumption of only two cups of coffee per day; no more, no less- The perfect Food Cure!

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